Things You Can Do

Forward your email.
    Do you have a personal account? Would you like to get your Del Val email in your personal account? In the settings for email you can turn on forwarding. This will allow you to send a copy of your email to your personal account. We still recommend that you use your email when emailing members of the College Community so that your email doesn't get caught up in a spam filter or ignored because the email address that you are sending from is not recognized.

Store Some of your Files
    You can use the Google Docs application to store documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDF's. Please keep in mind that this may change the formatting of your document which can be bad if it had to be a certain way for a class. Please keep backups off all important files on an external hard drive or use an online backup service like Mozy or Carbonite.

Share your Calendar
    You can share your calendar with your friends and family. Your friends and family can also share their calendars with you. You can even subscribe to other calendars like US holidays and the schedule of your favorite teams. Go the the settings for your calendar for more.

Subscribe to a College Calendar
    You can subscribe to some of the calendars that are on the Campus Portal. The main College calendar, the Athletics calendar and others are available. You'll never miss the Add/Drop deadline again! Go to the Calendar Feeds page ( and copy the iCal (.ics) URL and then go to your calendar and add another calendar. You will want to use the "Add Url" option and paste the link you copied from the Campus Portal.