Questions and Answers

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Q: Why is the College using Google Apps for email?

A: Our goal is to be able to provide a more modern email interface that many students are already familiar with. This change will also give you more storage space for email. Other benefits include Google docs and the calendar application.

Q: What is my email address?
A: It is your <user name>

Q: Are you migrating the staff and faculty to Google Apps?
A: At this time there are no plans to switch the staff and faculty to Google Apps. We've learned over the years that staff and faculty use email very differently than students and would not benefit from this change as much as students should.

Q: Will I be able to get email on my iPhone?
A: Yes you will. One of the reasons we are making this change is to give you more options when looking at your Del Val email. We hope to be able to turn on this functionality in the near future for all smart phones.

Q: Do you back up my email?
A: Del Val's service agreement with Google does not include provisions for data backup or file restoration.
Email sent to trash is deleted after 30 days. Google Docs does retain previous versions of documents. Documents sent to trash remain there until explicitly deleted. After files and/or email are deleted from trash there is no way of restoring them.

Q: Can I skip the Start page and go directly to my email?
A: Unfortunately this is not possible at this time. The purpose of the Start page is to act as a gateway to multiple applications. We hope to add other applications in the future.

Q: I don't like Gmail. Can I opt out of this change?
A: We are sorry that you do not like Gmail. Unfortunately this change has to be made for all students. There is no way to choose a system that everyone will love but we have tried very hard to choose the system that we feel is best for all students.

Q: How soon after graduation will you be disabling the email of students who graduated?
A: In previous years we would have disabled the email of students who graduated in a couple of months. The change to Google Apps gives us a lot more flexibility. Our current plan is to retain student email for at least 3 months after graduation.